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What is SIG?

SIG stands for Sistema Informacion Geografica. In English it means Geographical Information System.

Searching for the business of your need is simple. With SIG Panama database of over 35,000 businesses and monthly updates, you can feel assured you will find exactly what you are looking for. Tourism, real estate, transportation, lawyers, bars, and restaurants, are only the tip of the iceberg for your searching needs. Your options are endless and the program's efficiency guaranteed. And the best part, after you download SIG, you don't need the CD or to be connected to the internet to use our program.

Our program facilitates your search with five easy options for your searching needs in Panama:

1. Companies: Simply type in the name, address or telephone of the business you want.

2. Catalog: Just type in the kind of business or service you are looking for.

3. Addresses: Write in the name of a street you want and you will receive a list of addresses that are on that street. You can also write in the name of the building. Once the map takes you to the location of the building, simply click on the building and a list of the businesses inside the building will appear.

4. Real Estate: Search for Real Estate in Panama by typing in the area, street, room number, or price range.

5. Digital Map: Click any building on our digital map to find out what businesses are in the building.


Dear SIG Panama user!

We advise you carefully read this section even if you have already used the program – to make sure you are able to use SIG Panama functions for 100%. We hope you will find our guide convenient to use. Enjoy working with SIG Panama!

1. Brief Program Description

Electronic city map with buildings and companies reference guide and subject heading list. Adware-type distribution – free, advertising space. The program is based on two databases – cartographic and referral one. Cartographic database contains layers of objects with their details and number of parameters, such as number of storeys, type of building, number of traffic lanes, driving directions, etc. The referral database contains subject heading list as such and catalog of companies and branches. The program is targeted at providing information about Panama in format most convenient for the user.

2. How to find the information needed?

The program provides several information retrieval tools. Below are several with graphic images:

1.1.Company search by nameCompany search by name, phone number, e-mail or Web-Site

Company search by name

Use the first tab. When typing company’s name, you will be offered possible options by the program automatically. You may type company’s full name or select one of those offered by the program. Select the company you need and click on the "SEARCH" button for the program to show you the list of companies bearing the name typed and all the data available on the company, which can be viewed by clicking on the name.

Company search by name

On the map, you will also see the location of all the branches indicated by red dots. When clicking on address, the program will automatically show the location of building on the map, and а message window will pop up above the building to show district, street, number or name of a building, as well as its type.

Company search by name

The tab also has the “Add new company” button.

Add new company

Click on it to open the window where you can input your information. The address of the building highlighted is being entered automatically. You will be able to send your information only if you have Internet connection. To confirm the information, our agents will contact you within 48 hours.

1.2.Search of services, shops, factories Search of services, shops, factories, etc. The second tab enables you to find the required service or a shop when you do not know the exact name of company. You will have to select the type of suitable activity from the list offered.

Search of services, shops, factories

Click on the heading and the program will compile a list of companies under it and indicate the location of companies by red icons on the map.

As described above, by clicking on the name of company you will see all the information on it and location.

Search of services, shops, factories

If the required heading is unavailable, you may type it in the “SEARCH” line and the program will select possible options.

1.3. Address search by district, street or name (number) of buildingAddress search by district, street or name (number) of building

Use the third search tab to find the location of the building you need.

Address search by district, street or name (number) of building

By typing the district, street, and name or number of building, you will have the data on it and location indicated on the map by yellow icon.

1.4.real estate property Our program may also help you find real estate property – for sale or rent.

If you intend to buy or rent an apartment, our program can help you do that. Go to the forth tab which will find what you need and show you where it is. You will only need to select the category and parameters of the object you search to see the possible options. To view complete information, click on one of the addresses in the dropdown list from the window containing data on the apartment to appear.

real estate property

Sophisticated customers may use advanced search which enables application of more search parameters. Owners of property to be rented or sold may click on “Add Information” button, which will appear at the bottom of the list. The address of building highlighted will be input automatically. You will see the form to be filled out. (Note! The service is fee-based!)

real estate property

If you select the building where your property is located beforehand, the program will input the address into the form automatically. Make sure your computer has Internet connection before you send any information!

3. Buttons

zoom in – zoom in. Click on this button to have the map zoomed in. Note: mouse wheel can also be used to zoom the map in or out. By scrolling the wheel backwards you will zoom (enlarge) the map in, by scrolling the wheel forwards – you will zoom it out.

zoom out – zoom out. Click on this button to have the map zoomed out.

reset – to reset. Click on this button for the map to return to original dimensions

clear – to clear. Click on this button to have all the icons from various searches cleared from the map

Ruler – Ruler. This tool will help you measure the distance from one or several objects to the other. To use it and obtain precise measurement result, click on this button, then use the mouse to select original position on the map. With each new click frames will appear to show you the distance from original point to selected one. Click this button again to disable the ruler.


Bus stations - Bus stations. This tool shows every bus station on the map with little shaded icons.

Bus stations

Bus stations are shown on the map with a white circle and a letter "B" inside.

Bus stations

city map selection – city map selection. This button is used to download maps of various cities available in the program.

city map selection

cars selling agenciescontains new cars selling agencies (as provided by advertisers).

cars selling agencies

ATMs– this section is intended for ATMs. Click on it to view dropdown list with all the ATMs (as provided by advertisers).


real estate companies– this section contains real estate companies and recent developments (as provided by advertisers).

real estate companies

cafes, coffee bars- cafes, coffee bars (as provided by advertisers)

cafes, coffee bars

restaurants - restaurants (as provided by advertisers)


night clubs and discotecs- night clubs and discotecs (as provided by advertisers)

night clubs and discotecs

Tools– Tools icon. Click on it for program’s settings window to open


Map: this window contains three options


а. 3D buildings – You can activate the function of three-dimensional display of objects on the map for the image to be more realistic.

b. Labels on Map – This option allows various styles of writing names of districts, streets and houses

c. Size of buildings labels - helps to change a size of leters of the labels on buildings

d. Size of street labels - helps to change a size of leters of the labels on streets

e. Level of Map Specification – You can adjust the number of details displayed on the map. The lower the LOD the faster the map works and vice versa.

Mini-Map – This window allows adjusting the mini-map’s dimensions and location.


а. Position of Mini-map – You can position the mini-map here.

b. Size of Mini-Map – A very convenient tool to adjust mini-map’s dimensions, which is practical for small-sized screens.

c. Change appointment of mouse keys - While working with mini map it is possible to make fast transitions from one area to another. For that, click with the left mouse button on the desired area. Small square will appear. Keep the button pressed and stretch the square till it covers desired area. This square can also be moved by clicking on the opposite mouse button and transferring the mouse to the desired area

d. Instant moving map – This tool enables to select a bumpless or quick movement of the map. Quick movement is recommended to optimize performance of low-end computers, as it needs less RAM.

e. Show Scale – This option enables to hide or display the scale of the map, which is, with our program, can be the level of City, District, Street or Building. The option is three-level: Hide Scale – default setting, Show Scale when using mini-map – one click, Always Show Scale – two clicks.


а. Here you can adjust the number of entries to be shown in your search


Moving Map

Moving Map

а. Map Navigating Speed – by using this tool you can adjust the rate for navigating on the map.

b. Map Movement Speed – when using navigating buttons you can accelerate or slow down the map movement.

c. Zooming Rate – this option enables you to accelerate or slow down the map zooming.

d. Minimum Scale – this function is used to have minimum scale zoomed in or out, i.e. when maximum value is selected, the minimum scale will comprise more buildings, with inscriptions appearing much faster, and vice versa.

f. Mouse Wheel Inversion – invert the mouse wheel for most convenient operation: either backward or forward movement to zoom in or out.



а. Hardware accelerationof a drawing -If you have problem viewing the map, turn off this function and restart the program. b. Style of interface - Change the style of the program window according to your taste.

c. Language - It is one more option to change programs language.

d. Measuring unit of distance - With the help of this function you can choose preferred measuring unit of the distance.

4. Additional Functions and Icons.

detailed description of the program– Press this button to open dialog box with detailed description of the program.

language of the program – language of the program can be easily changed here, the advertising depends on the language you use.

To review your opinion, which is very valuable to us, we created "Inform about the error” option.

Inform about the error

Press this button to open the window to report the mistake found and communicate your opinion to us. REMEMBER that it is constructive criticism that is most effective!

Inform about the error

Fill out the form and press the "send" button to have your information sent to your agents for review. To confirm the information, our agents will contact you within 48 hours.

article- when searching by company, this icon sometimes displays in the data of company. Click on it to view the article containing, at advertiser’s option, publication on the company, or company’s running campaign, or quotes for products or services offered.


In addition, this window functions as Internet-browser. It means that if the publication contains company’s Internet address, its web-page can be opened in the same window by clicking on this company.

back1 – when opening several publications in one session, you can use these buttons to go back to previous publications.

print – if you want another person to see this publication or you see that a discount for specific product is available, you will definitely need to use this button. Use this button to print out the information you need.

Attention! Each version of the program is valid for 3 months only. When the time expires, the program shows the following window:

version of the program is valid

and the program does not show database and advertisement:

version of the program is valid

In this case, visit our web site, download new version and re-install it on your computer.

From December 1, 2009 we will show program validity in the top left corner:

version of the program is valid

Also, the program has short-term protection. If you change the date on your computer, the program will automatically show you the following window:

short-term protection

Change again the date on your computer to the original one and restart the program.

Español (Spanish Formal International) English (United Kingdom)

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Map of Panama


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