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Panama City Map

Map of Panama City covers the city from American Bridge till Tocumen. It offers the most complete information of the city.

It includes:

  • More than 150000 buildings with names
  • 2600 streets and avenues with names
  • Alphabetical order of streets with coordinates
  • Traffic routes
  • Traffic lights
  • District’s boundaries
  • Classification of buildings according to colors: businesses, private houses, condos, schools, etc
  • Tourist places

We recommend our maps for making routes.

Folded map size: 9.5x4.3’’

Unfolded map size: 43.3x31.5’’

The price is $10** including delivery within the city center.

For free delivery call 3937897 (Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm).

*Out of stock.

* +7% VAT

Panama City Map

B./ 10.00

Español (Spanish Formal International) English (United Kingdom)

Map of Panama

Map of Panama


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