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Frequently asked questions about SIG Panama

1. What does SIG mean?

SIG stands for Sistema Informacion Geografica. In English it means Geographical Information System.


2. How do I use the program?  

Simply go to the Companies, Catalog, Addresses or Real Estate section and type in what you are looking for. You also have a clickable Digital Map to facilitate your search. If you are still having problems, then click the Help button on the top right.


3. How have you come across so much data and information?  

Our Data Collectors have gathered the information by splitting up into groups designated to various areas in different neighborhoods of the city. Initially, our data collectors would go out and personally visit every single business. When we accumulated a comfortable amount of businesses we soon got our own call center to call businesses to verify the information over the telephone. More recently, businesses have also volunteered so we can add them to SIG.


4. How frequently do you update the program?  

The program is updated on a monthly basis.


5. How often do you upgrade the program?

The program is upgraded every three months.


6. How do I download/install the program?

Simply go to the Download section of the web page and click the download button that is compatible with your computer. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully when you are installing SIG onto your computer.


7. Why do I have problems with downloading the program?

The most common factors are: firewall settings, Internet connection. and if you work in an office building, check with your administration for restrictions you may have on downloading programs.


8. Can I use screen shots of the program?

This is a Yes and No question.

a). If they are for your own personal needs, feel free.

b). If they are for your business needs, please make sure that the way you use SIG falls accordingly with our legal rights.


9. Does SIG include GPS?

GPS is coming soon!


10. Why is the program not working?

 a). Because SIG is upgraded every three months, make sure when installing SIG, the date on your computer is set accordingly.

b). Check with your computer technician if there are any restrictions on what files you can download.

c). Our database is constantly being updated with information (checking businesses have the same contact information, adding new businesses...), so SIG will require for you to re-download the program every three months.  


11. How do I get my company added on to the SIG program?

a). On the left hand side of our Home Page there is an Add Company button. Simply click the button and fill out the form.

b). If you are using the SIG program, click on the add company button on the bottom right, just fill out the form that appears with your information.


If you click the building where your business is located and then press the Add Company button, the address of the building will already appear. We recommend you do not alter the address because it will make searching for your business more complicated.


Note: If the E-MAIL CLIENT (Outlook, Bat, Thunderbird...) on your computer is not adjusted, you will not be able to send us this information. If by any means you are having any complications, simply go to our site to send us the information or call us at 393-7897.


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