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Our world finds itself more intertwined and businesses have reached out over oceans to cooperate and to progress everyday more. We are in the beginning of a technological boom in Panama, but that boom has also shown many consequences, our Mother Earth has been neglected and pollution has slowly been cutting away at her youth. Today, we find ourselves in a position where we must all cooperate together, as one world to save Earth from further harm, every effort no matter how minimal , will show.

Here in SIG Panama, we chose to not go for the traditional way of a printed directory because we see the lack of need of having to print one out, when you could simply go to your computer and press start.

By Advertizing with us, you chose to be with a company that cares and is involved with the issues that surround us. You can rest assured that your company will be next to a name that is viewed and recognized from various parts of the world as a company of progress.

Below, are further explanations on why SIG Panama should be your only choice.


1. Active consumer:

SIG is targeted to any PC user. For practical matters, you could not ask for more. Anything you need to find is at your fingertips. Businesses also benefit from our program. Statistically, it is businesses that use SIG the most. Businesses are proven to be the bigger spenders, constantly in need of supplies, businesses need the efficiency and speed of a reliable search engine, which we happen to have.


2. Comfortable Distribution:

The program is easy and comfortable to use. Business hours are always the time of heaviest traffic, whether its calls, purchases or expenditures, you need reliable programs to assist you at all times. We offer this service, and with our program not in need for you to run a CD, or to be connected to the internet every time you use it, you can feel assured that nothing will get in the way of the progress of your business.


3. Benefits:

Everyone uses the directories, and SIG is Panama´s most comfortable and knowledgeable program. Constant updates guarantee you that what you are looking for is found. Updates also leave you assured that the information is always precise. By just having your company in the program, it multiplies your businesses expose. This is the time to make your business stand out.

4. Efficiency:

Generally, when people listen to a sponsor on the radio, or see one on a billboard or newspaper, they either can´t or don´t write down the information. They just remember the name. This is why people always consult the directories to find the information of the business they heard or read about, and what better directory to consult than SIGPanama, the most trusted and versatile directory in Panama.


5. High Level of Attention:

Psychology specialists have proven that for publicity the most influential sense is vision. SIG Panama's simple design is comfortable for everyone to use. Our advertisements are clear for anyone to see but not overwhelming. We assure you that your searching experience with our program will be the most comfortable one you can have.

Winter Sale! Up to 80% discounts for advertisement in SIG Panama! Interested? Send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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